How to manage your social media in 34 minutes a day or less

by Socially Stacked

Using social media for your company is an ideal way to reach your target audience. Yet many entrepreneurs complain about social media because it takes up so much time. Entrepreneurs suffer from social media stress when they give the social platforms more attention than necessary. With a good social media plan, you don’t have to worry anymore and you can use half an hour a day or even less.

Determine the goal

Before you start working with different social media channels, you need to have a clear goal in mind. Make a social media plan in which you determine your goals in great detail.

Why do you want to work with social media? Which channels are you going to focus on? Do you want to be more visible, increase your brand awareness or attract more visitors to your website?

When you have this clear, you can immediately fill in the approach a lot more concretely. Also determine your target audience so you know which people you want to reach. For this you can set up Buyer Personas, which are also useful in other areas of your marketing strategy.

Who is your ideal customer and what does this customer need? What kind of information and reporting meets the needs of your persona? This prevents you from creating content that does not fit the target audience and therefore delivers nothing.

Structural scheduling

There are several practical tools available with which you can schedule your social media messages. Think of Hootsuite or simply via Facebook if this is the only platform you use.

Schedule a weekly fixed time to draft and schedule all messages. During the other days, all you have to do is monitor and respond to comments.

Your social media plan shows how often you want to post and on which channels. Then use a content calendar to structure the posts. In this way, you determine themes in advance and there is a clear thread in the content.

34 minutes per day

You can do a lot in 34 minutes a day. Take 10 minutes to monitor the content automatically placed on the different channels. See what the range is, which message performs well and which less and what could be the cause of this. Also respond to relevant comments so you stay involved with your target audience.

Then take 10 minutes to check the results of current advertisements. Are you still completely on track, how is the budget distributed, are you satisfied with the results or do you perhaps need to create an extra ad with a different image to see if the conversion goes up?

You spend 5 minutes coming up with new topics for your posts. Maybe you’ve just sent out a newsletter and you can redefine this content and use it on Facebook or LinkedIn.

Of course you need a nice visual, you have 5 minutes left for this. These are made in free software like Canva or Picmonkey. You still have 4 minutes left which you can use to read the latest social media news.

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