How to quench your social media thirst in 60 minutes a day

by Socially Stacked

Social media is an important part of your online presence and online marketing. It takes time to keep track of your social media, but with the right mindset and strategy you won’t lose more than one hour a day. To determine exactly how much time you spend, it is advisable to make a social media planning with a focus on your goals.

Create a content calendar

Before you start with your new social media strategy, in which one hour a day is enough, some preparatory work is needed. Make a social media plan with the channels you are going to use, the target audience that is there and the goals you have. How often are you going to post? What kind of content are you going to post? Is this mainly text and images or do you want to go more towards video, stories and Facebook or Instagram Live?

Then you compile a content calendar. A content calendar helps you plan and organize your content. On the calendar you indicate when, what, for whom and in what form you publish something. When you work with multiple people on the content, you also point out a responsible person behind each action point.

15 minutes: content curation

Content curation consists of collecting, organizing, editing and sharing existing content. This can be from your own organization or rewritten content from third parties. Think of inspiring, high-quality and relevant content for your target group, such as background articles, blogs, columns and news.

Share the information with your target audience in an original and unique way on social media, for example by summarizing 3 main points in a story on Facebook.

20 minutes: writing a blog

Is it your goal to get a lot of visitors to your website? Then spend enough time on blogging. By adding new content every time, your website will not only be ranked higher in the search results in an organic way, but you will also regularly have interesting new pages to share via social media.

You spend this time on writing on some days and on research on others. How often you post a new blog depends on your goals and is described in your social media plan and content calendar.

20 minutes: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Take the time every day to answer questions and interact with your target audience. You can also use this time to look around your competitors to see what they are doing on their social media channels. Maybe you can learn something from this.

By using a scheduling tool, such as Hootsuite, you can schedule the social media messages you create within this time for a specific moment. This allows you to post during weekends without having to log in.

5 minutes: analytics

You don’t know what it’s really like until you see the numbers. Check the analytics on a daily basis to see if certain things stand out. Maybe you have a post that performs enormously well. Because you know this immediately, you can analyze the post and continue to experiment with such a setup in the future.

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