Ideas for a Valentine’s Day contest on Facebook

by Socially Stacked

Holidays are ideal moments to put your company on the map on social media. Take advantage of these festive occasions to give your marketing strategy a helping hand. Take Valentine’s Day as an example. This is a great holiday to have contests or promotions on Facebook. This way you generate followers, awareness and potential customers. Do you want to know which contests you can organize for Valentine’s Day? We have listed a number of ideas for Facebook contests.

Tag your lover and comment!

Valentine’s Day is of course all about love. That’s why it’s best to target couples. For example, you can give away a product, package or service for free for this special occasion. All people on Facebook have to do is tag their lover in the post where you announce this action and follow your account. This way more people will see your post and you can increase your number of followers enormously. Please pay attention to the rules of Facebook. Your post may not become spam and it must be clear that your action is separate from Facebook as a company. You can prevent this by putting clear rules in your post. For example: “Like this post and tag your lover and enter our contest”.

Discount for singles

Of course you can also appeal to the singles on Valentine’s Day. To give them a helping hand to get through this day of love, all singles can get a special discount today. Create a special discount code for singles and share it on your Facebook.

Catchy hashtag

You can get your brand or company to generate more brand awareness on Facebook by coming up with a smart hashtag. This has to be in the spirit of Valentine’s Day and can be aimed at the couples or the singles. For example, create a special hashtag where followers can share their love story. The best story with the hashtag can for example win a discount or its post can be shared on the main page of your company.

Like and win!

Make a good post, perhaps with image or video and make sure as many people as possible get to see it. How do you do that? You do that with a special like-and-win action, this time entirely in the style of Valentine’s Day. You can, for example, raffle off a product, arrangement or service among all the people who like your mail. This way a lot of people get to see this mail and you as a company or brand enjoy an extra large reach. Pay attention to the rules of Facebook and prevent your post from being marked as spam.

Take advantage of the holidays on Facebook as a company. These are the best times to have special winnings among your followers and potential followers. This way you can grow your account naturally and attract more customers. Use one of the winnings above to put your company on the map during Valentine’s Day.

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