Revamp your facebook page for with these tips

by Socially Stacked

Are you looking for easy ways to revamp the reach and engagement of your Facebook page? In this post we share 5 easy ways to bring your Facebook page back to life. These strategies are simple and take little time to implement, while you enjoy great results.

1. Change the cover photo

When was the last time you changed the cover photo of your Facebook page? Probably it’s time for a new cover photo! This prominent image at the top of the page catches the eye immediately when people visit your page. Changing your cover photo will instantly give your Facebook page a new look. You can change your cover photo regularly. For example, use it to promote special promotions such as holidays and seasonal events, or use the cover photo to display customer experiences and reviews. This is also the place to showcase new products or services. Translated with (free version)

2. Acknowledge your followers

An excellent way to increase engagement and build relationships with your followers is by asking them to communicate with your page. For example, ask fans to share photos of themselves with your product or at your event as part of a prize-winning competition. Share these photos on your page to show other Facebook users that your page is active and that a lot of people are interested in your business. This not only builds brand loyalty but also makes your business human. It also gives you instant access to extra content that you don’t have to create yourself but only share.

3. Provide varied content

If your fans show little interaction with the content on your page, it’s probably time to take a good look at the content. Post diverse content, choosing a combination of informative posts, inspirational quotes, behind-the-scenes photos, personal messages and video. Don’t forget to ask your followers a question once in a while to start the interaction. What can also work very well, as long as it suits the tone of voice of your company, is the use of humor and memes in which your followers can tag their friends.

4. Use the built-in Facebook buttons

Beneath the cover photo, Facebook has a button functionality that you should really use. You simply edit this button and add a link to the page you want people to click through to. You can choose from: More information, Sign up, Book now, Contact us, Make a purchase / donation or Download an app / game. With the button you can send your visitors directly to a landing page, for example for your event or training series.

5. Invite people to like your page

There’s a simple trick to growing your Facebook page. Some people who like your posts aren’t fans of your page yet, but will see your posts when a friend replies to them. You can invite these people to like your page. Click on the list of people who have responded or “liked” your post. Behind the people who are not following your page is an “Invite” button. Click it and they will receive an invitation to like your page.

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