Simple ways to grow your email list overnight

by Socially Stacked

If you want to create an email list for an email marketing campaign, how do you collect all those email addresses? Or even better, how do you collect email addresses from the right target audience? Here are some simple ways to grow your email list.

Via a Facebook ad campaign

An effective way to collect email addresses, but like any effective and fast way, it requires a small investment. Anyone can easily create a Facebook ad. Link it to your mail subscription list on your own website. All you have to do is set the right parameters and budget.

Create content that is only accessible to subscribers

Another way to get hold of email addresses is by making certain content on your website premium. If the reader wants to read your latest blog or watch video, he or she will have to subscribe first. Note that this method only works when the reader is convinced of the quality of what they are missing. So you will first have to make a lot of free quality content available.

Use pop-ups

Maybe you have a regular audience on your website, but they are not yet subscribers. You can easily change that by making a pop-up appear when someone lands on the homepage of your website. Let them know that if they subscribe, they will always be kept informed of the latest updates. A pop-up can be irritating, but remains effective.

Launch a give-away

This method is very popular on social media and no doubt you have already seen some of them in your feed. A give-away is the ideal way to encourage people to leave their email address. If you want to increase your target audience exponentially, you have to make it a requirement that they not only leave their email address, but also tag someone.

Provide creative and interesting newsletters

Why would anyone want to leave their email address? Nobody likes spam in their mailbox, so most people are selective when it comes to signing up. Make sure they do by sending creative and interesting newsletters. An attractive aspect of this could be that you only offer certain promotions through the newsletter, for example.

Organize a live event

Who is potentially interested in following your company? People who have already made the effort to come to your company party or event of course. This can easily be done by handing out forms at your event.

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