Surprising Facebook trends for businesses

by Socially Stacked

Every year there are surprising trends and developments concerning Facebook. The platform remains extremely popular, despite flattening growth in Europe and America. In total there are more than 2.5 billion users worldwide when you look at the channels under the parent company: Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp. In the Netherlands there are 10.8 million active users every month. So it remains important as an entrepreneur to use Facebook to get attention. With these surprising trends we help you on your way.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing will play an increasing role in the allocation of the marketing budget. Even if you have a small business it can be worthwhile to use influencers. The so-called micro-influencers may not have millions of followers, but they do have the trust of their followers. Because of this, a campaign with micro-influencers can have a very high conversion rate. Content from influencers works when it touches the target audience and is authentic. People allow themselves to be influenced more by a familiar face than by advertisements. The high involvement in combination with low amounts or in-kind sponsoring makes this type of collaboration very interesting for SMEs and even self-employed people. Look for an influencer that is relevant and makes an impact in your own niche.

Less focus on likes

Content interactions become a lot more important than the number of likes on a post. A like doesn’t take much time and doesn’t say that much. This can be seen for example on Instagram, where the number of likes has been hidden from viewers on profiles since 2019. This trend is likely to continue on other platforms in 2020. Measuring the number of likes is not a good indicator to determine the Return on Investment (ROI) of social media. It’s about the total engagement and to what extent the followers take the actions you drive, such as collecting leads or the number of clicks to your website.

Direct sales by social commerce

A very important trend is the rise of social commerce. This makes it possible to order and pay directly via Facebook, Instagram or Whatsapp. In the Netherlands this is not yet possible, but recently Facebook Pay was officially announced. The moment that users start buying products directly through social media is getting closer and closer. Social commerce is the next level in e-commerce. Research shows that almost 40% of consumers are inspired by social media for a purchase, mainly the Generation Z. The next step after inspiration is the purchase. The purchase threshold becomes a lot lower when payment and purchase takes place directly through your social media channel.

Continued growth social communities

Social communities continue to grow, making Facebook Groups increasingly important. As an entrepreneur, you can set up your own group together with interested parties within your niche or join groups. Groups are all about sharing valuable information and insights and staying away from your commercial interests. This expert status can ensure that the members of a group take a look at your company page and like it in order to stay up to date.

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