The 5 best Facebook tips and advices of 2020

by Socially Stacked

If you are an entrepreneur, whether you are a self-employed person or a business owner with multiple employees, it is wise to make the most of the possibilities offered by social media. Think of opening a Twitter account, an Instagram page and certainly also a business page on Facebook. Via Facebook in particular, you can reach a large target audience and connect to your company. But how do you do that efficiently? The tips and advice below will help you a lot to use Facebook in a tactical way for marketing and promotional purposes. Take advantage of it!

1. Make sure you have an attractive page

It is important that the page you use on Facebook is attractive and contains not only information but also beautiful images. Tell interesting and positive facts about your company and its history. And don’t forget to post good quality photos and interesting or humorous videos. What you post should be informative or entertaining. People who surf to Facebook do so mainly because they are entertained or want to be informed about something.

2. Celebrate the milestones via Facebook

When your company has a milestone to celebrate, share it with your target audience via Facebook. A milestone can mean anything. Think of the ten-thousandth customer who hasn’t ordered anything from your company or a 25th anniversary. Even if your page has been liked for the five hundredth thousandth time, you can make this a lucrative moment. A moment where you can focus the attention of your followers on the company again.

3. Provide interaction and entertainment

A useful tip for using Facebook smartly is to ensure regular interaction with your followers. This can be done in many ways. For example, it’s fun to put a funny (and preferably addictive) game on your Facebook page. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Think for example of a crossword puzzle, find the differences between two pictures or a knowledge quiz where the answers can be found on your company website. A periodical competition, in which fun free products or prizes can be won, also increases customer loyalty.

4. Make use of quotes

A clever marketing tactic is to have quotes on Facebook on a regular basis in order to attract the attention of your target audience. Choose short, striking quotes, that are relevant, funny or informative. If you find it difficult to come up with good quotes yourself, you can find plenty of inspiration on the internet.

5. Ask your followers questions every now and then

Asking questions is a good way to connect with the followers of your Facebook site. By coming up with smart questions, you challenge visitors to respond. For example, think of a question like: ‘What holiday plans do you have for the coming summer? Or: ‘What is the best product you have ordered in our webshop and why? Possibly you can challenge people who respond by giving them an additional discount on your assortment when they respond. Or reward the most original or best substantive response with a nice gift.

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