The art of getting retweets on Twitter

by Socially Stacked

Those who would like to get more brand awareness for their company should not hesitate to tweet. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, this social media platform is in fact also a crucial component for increasing the number of customers.

However, using Twitter is an art in itself, because just posting an occasional tweet is not enough. It is important that your followers actively engage with your company and retweet your tweet. What is a retweet, why do you need it and how do you get retweets?

Retweets and the benefits

First a short explanation about what a retweet is. When you tweet and a follower finds your message so interesting that he wants to share it with his followers, he will retweet your tweet. This means that not only your followers, but also his followers can see the tweet.

What’s the advantage of that? You reach a much larger audience, so your message penetrates deep into the Twitter platform.

Moreover, the followers of your retweeter may decide that they also want to follow you. This way you will get more followers and more people will see your tweet. This also increases the chance that your tweet will be retweeted more often next time, reaching even more Twitterers.

Not only does this give you publicity, but it also makes your company appear more credible; you increase your social burden of proof. So plenty of benefits, but how do you get those coveted retweets?

1. Ask for retweets

It’s as simple as that. You really don’t have to be shy to ask your followers to retweet your tweet. It’s just a small action and a lot of people are easily persuaded to click on retweet. You can ask them to retweet by simply adding ‘please RT’ or ‘please retweet’ to your message. Small warning: don’t do this too often, because this will seem desperate and the essence of your question will not come across to your followers. Do it once in a while, when you have really mentioned something special in your tweet.

2. Less is more

Yes, this golden rule also applies to tweets: Keep. It. Short. A long tweet will soon bore your followers, but a short message with interesting content will make them long for more information. So think carefully about what you put in your little message.

3. New information

Following on from tip 2, it is important that your message is not only short, but also filled with valuable, preferably new, information. People become enthusiastic about the new knowledge they have gained and will be happy to share this with their followers.

4. Timing is everything

Not everyone can be found on social media 24/7. So find out when your target audience is on Twitter. Is this in the early morning hours or maybe during the lunch break? The more followers there are online, the more people will read your message. So the chance of many retweets is a lot higher. Before you know it, they’ll press RT and you’ll have opened a door to new followers for yourself!

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