The evolution of the selfie obsessed generation

by Socially Stacked

Today, we are constantly busy with social media. We get up and the first thing we do is look on our mobile phone for new messages that have come in, reports on an app like Instagram, Snapchat, et cetera. The separation between reality and reality is getting smaller and smaller as a result. When we experience something, we have to share it with others. Preferably with a selfie, because then everyone can see that you have experienced it. But why is this generation so obsessed with posting selfies? How could this have gotten so far?

Synchronizing real life with online life

Because we feel we have to share everything we experience with others, we synchronize our real life with online life. An event like a marriage proposal, a trip around the world, a dinner with friends and so on. But what we don’t show here are the less fun events. Think of a funeral, the dismissal at work, a divorce, a broken leg, and so on. So we choose to only show the highlights of our life on social media and make our life look as fun and beautiful as possible.

Striving for perfection

We try to look extra good on our social media. This manifests itself for example in a selfie with perfect make-up, curly hair, a six-pack. In this way we actually create an online identity, someone we would like to be. This online identity is a bit nicer, funnier or smarter than we really are. Actually, this creates a false image of reality, but we are so busy striving for perfection that we sometimes forget it. So we actually post selfies of ourselves to show our perfect self, because we want to show others how beautiful, funny or smart we are. When we also receive likes or comments for this, it only gives more confirmation that we actually have these qualities. Moreover, we follow people who also post selfies on their social media, so we feel the pressure to do the same. In this way, the posted photo of a certain person stimulates other people, which ultimately convinces a lot of people to post photos of themselves as well. Translated with (free version)

All in all, this generation is so obsessed with placing selfies, because we want to synchronize our real life with online life. We choose to show only the nice and beautiful photos on social media, but not the not so nice and ugly ones. What’s more, we strive for perfection, creating a kind of online identity that reflects our perfect self. Getting likes or reactions to a selfie, gives a kind of confirmation for ourselves. We feel good, which stimulates us to place another selfie. In addition, we feel the pressure to place a selfie, because others do too. So this causes a selfie obsessed generation, because people are constantly placing selfies and creating a perfect image of themselves on social media.

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