This happens on Twitter during every minute

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Internet has become completely indispensable in its 30 or so years of existence. This growth has completely exploded with the arrival of smartphones. Lori Lewis and Chadd Callahan have researched the figures and they don’t lie about it. Together we are very active. On Twitter, but also Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger, Google, Netflix, Tinder and so on. We have some interesting statistics in a row.

1 minute on the internet

An internet minute can almost be compared to dog years, because what happens a lot during that one minute. In 2019, a million people logged on to Facebook in 1 minute, 87,500 tweets were sent around the world, 41.6 million WhatsApps and messenger messages were sent, 3.8 million searches were typed (or recorded) in Google, 694,444 hours of Netflix watched, 4.5 million YouTube videos were watched, 347,222 scrolls on Instagram and 1.4 million swapped on Tinder. You want to know what happens in an hour? Multiply the above numbers times 60!

Twitter drops the most

Do you think 87,500 tweets is a big number? Compared to 2018, Twitter has become the biggest trap of all social media platforms. In 2018, 481,000 tweets were tweeted per internet minute. A difference of more than 80%. For the other (social) media platforms there is an increase, especially for Netflix and Instagram.

Twitter popular among Americans

Twitter is mainly popular in the US. Of the 335 million active users, approximately 69 million are American, followed by Japanese and UK users. In the Netherlands, about 2.5 million people use the social network. The number of users is declining worldwide, which also explains the decrease mentioned earlier.

Twitter as a major news source

Twitter is especially popular for reading news stories. This is because this is often where the news comes out first. Journalists and politicians are also hugely active on the social network. In fact, journalists account for nearly a quarter of verified accounts. 83% of world leaders have an account on Twitter.

Always adapted to mobile

The microblogging nature of the social media platform Twitter and the design of the platform are perfectly adapted to mobile use. Almost 80% of the users use the platform from a mobile device. Even 93% of the video displays are on a mobile device.

Twitter accommodates users with the lite-version of the platform. This technology also takes into account the devices of people living in developing countries. The Lite version takes up only 3 MB of memory on a device, starts 30% faster than the original app and consumes 70% less data.

Is Twitter dead?

Despite declining user numbers, Twitter is far from dead. Millions of users are still using the platform. It is also an excellent place to read and share current news. Many companies also use Twitter for their customer service.

Sending a tweet is very easy. For example, organizations use this social media channel to answer questions or solve customer problems. By the way, did you know that Twitter is the only platform where no changing algorithm is applied? This makes it easier to reach your target group organically.

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