Tips for awesome Pinterest Promoted Pins

by Socially Stacked

Since the beginning of 2019 it has also been possible to advertise on Pinterest in the Netherlands. People who are active on Pinterest are looking for inspiration. That’s where beautiful images fit in. Pinterest is therefore an excellent media channel for reaching new target audiences with your company. With visually attractive content you make sure your Promoted Pins stand out! We list a few tips for you.

Attractive visuals

The image is key to your Promoted Pins. Like many other paid marketing campaigns, the chosen image attracts attention. On Pinterest this goes a step further, because the platform focuses on inspiration by using the highest quality images.

Provide your pins with original images that convey an idea, product or service to your audience. These pins should cause your target audience to take action and share it with their group of pinners. This allows you to reach a large group even with a limited budget.

Optimize for the right keywords

The promoted pins on Pinterest use a keyword-based advertising method that allows you to promote in a targeted and tactical way. By optimizing your campaign with the right keywords, you make it more relevant to searches.

You can find your target audience when you choose the right keywords and you also increase the chance that users click on your promoted pin. Pinterest gives you all the possibilities to reach users because you can set up to 150 keywords per promoted pin. Do preliminary research into the right keywords to make optimal use of them.

Use rich pins

Rich pins give context to your campaign with promoted pins by adding more information such as pricing and availability. Pinterest offers its users six different types of rich pins to choose from. These are: product, app, article, movie, place and recipe.

You may need to enlist the help of a website developer to add rich pin capabilities to your website. The rich pins must then verify before they appear on Pinterest. After that, visitors will be able to communicate with them on your pinboard.

Timing is key

As with any other marketing campaign, timing is essential to the success of your promoted pins campaign. To maximize the results of the campaign, you can coincide with events or holidays.

The obvious moments are Christmas, Black Friday and Easter, but you can of course seize every opportunity. For example, place an ad around Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, the beginning of summer, autumn, winter and so on. More active people on the platform ensure better results.

Measure your results

Once your pins campaign promoted by Pinterest is live, you can measure progress and results with tracking tools in Pinterest analytics. You’ll see the number of impressions, clicks, engagements, downstream engagements and conversion rates.

It often works best to use a gradual approach and adapt the campaign where necessary to the behaviour of your audience. By monitoring the campaign you keep track of conversions and goals and you can make timely adjustments. Something more technical is the link you can make with Google Analytics. This allows you to view the website behaviour of your target group after they have clicked through from Pinterest to your website.

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