Use Facebook Insights to see what works and doesn’t work

by Socially Stacked

You probably have a general idea of how to follow the results of your Facebook page. The number of followers, the message engagement and conversions of your ads, they’re all valuable statistics. But you can find a lot more information in Facebook Insights. Facebook is constantly developing its analytical tools. We’ll give you some useful tips that will help you make even better decisions for your business.

How does your Facebook page perform?

The Overview tab within Facebook Insights does more than the name says. Besides showing the most important statistics of your page (page overview), it also shows the most important statistics for the five most recent posts and a short comparison of your page with similar Facebook pages.

In the Page overview section, you can see at a glance the most important statistics of the page over the past seven days, such as Page Likes, Message Engagement and Range. It also shows the percentage change compared to the previous period and shows graphs for this period. If you want to quickly see how your Facebook page is performing, this is a handy tool.

Using the Facebook pixel

A Facebook pixel is a handy piece of code that you can place anywhere on your website. This allows you to learn more about your target audiences. The pixel ensures that your target audiences are measured and optimized for your ads on the platform.

This information is especially helpful if you want to know how much money and time you need to spend on increasing and retaining your followers. You can also measure the organic results of your Facebook marketing and see if your content reaches the right people. If you have more than one Facebook Pixel, you can also merge them.

Analyze your listings on Facebook

When you use Facebook to find new customers, increase your brand reputation or as a piece of customer service, it’s important to keep an eye on your company’s or brand’s listings on Facebook. This also makes it possible to compare results with other brands on Facebook.

Unfortunately, this possibility is not offered within the Facebook ecosystem. You have to use an external tool, such as Google Alerts. This allows you to follow important discussions and look at the intensity and the prevailing sentiment. The tool collects mentions from all over the web, but you can filter specifically on Facebook mentions.

Follow the customer journey across different channels

Facebook Insights has one big advantage over Google Analytics and other similar tools. Many people log into one Facebook account from a few different devices, and Facebook can use this data to help marketers sharply visualize the conversion path. This is especially useful for companies with a long or complicated customer journey.

It also answers the question of how many people start the conversion process from one device and end it on another. With this data you can optimally divide your marketing budget. In Facebook Insights you go to the ‘Funnel’ tab and choose the event you want to see (e.g. from the moment an app is installed to the purchase). There’s no need to worry about the user’s device.

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