Why people become Facebook fans of a certain brand

by Socially Stacked

The more loyal fans you have on Facebook, the better. This increases your brand awareness and reliability. Still, many companies wonder how to get followers on Facebook. Where are all those loyal fans who can like and share their posts?

To know how to get more fans like Facebook friends, it is important to ask yourself the question: why do people become fans of a brand on Facebook? When you have the answer to that question, you know the motivation of your fans and you know exactly how and what to post.

Why are fans on Facebook important?

First of all, it’s good to know why Facebook is such a great platform to maintain the business-customer relationship. If you take a closer look at Twitter, it turns out that 30% of American Twitterers follow 20 or more brands.

With Facebook it’s only 8%. Does this mean you have to throw your Facebook marketing plans overboard? Absolutely not! The same research shows, for example, that 84% of Facebook users who follow a brand put it on the shortlist for shopping.

In addition, 86% prefer the brand in question. With Twitter, this is 77% and 75% respectively. It also turns out that 86% Facebook users who are fans of a company recommend the brand to friends. For Twitter users, this is 83%.

So these figures show that it may be more difficult to gather followers on Facebook, but that that is where the involvement is higher and that’s what it’s all about in the end. For customers and fans too, quality is more important than quantity. A company that has a lot of fans, but only few likes and shares, is less visible on the timeline of its fans.

Build a relationship

People become fans of a brand from a personal motivation. What is always important is that the content that appears on the timeline is interesting and relevant; it must offer added value to the reader. Placing impersonal and purely business content is counterproductive.

Make sure the message is light-hearted and has a personal touch so that the business-customer relationship can be strengthened. People need to feel connected to a brand before they start to feel like a fan.

The extent to which this feeling can be manipulated to ensure that Facebook users follow the company cannot be expressed in figures. After all, brand emotion, just like any other emotion, cannot be expressed in numbers.

What should you ask yourself?

It is therefore better to leave out questions such as “why do you follow a brand” or “why do you like a brand?” Often the answer does not correspond at all to the real intrinsic motivation.

It is better to ask yourself, “what can I do to make people love the brand?” Try to create value and passion in your posts. Think about how you can make your fans happy and create a bond.

For example, many customers love a Fans-only action. This way they benefit directly from following a brand and they feel appreciated. This is how the love for the brand starts to flourish.

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