YouTube is the second largest search engine

by Socially Stacked

Do you benefit from the second largest search engine in the world?

Everybody knows you go to Google when you have a question. Google currently processes an average of more than 40,000 searches per second, which translates into more than 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide. Do you think Bing, Yahoo!, Ask or any other search engine comes second? The answer is surprising to many, but YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. You and your company can make use of it.

Using YouTube for your business

Almost every company is concerned with being found on the internet. Because of the great competition this is not easy. If you’re not on the first page of recommendations, you might as well be on the last. The good news is that being found on YouTube is easier than you think. It is also relatively much cheaper than for example Search Engine Advertising (SEA) in Google and takes less time than Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Optimize the settings

You start by optimizing the settings of your YouTube channel. Fill in general information such as links to your website, thumbnails and relevant tags. Many of these general settings are ignored by most YouTubers, so they can give you a time-saving advantage to be found faster and more consistently in search results. Make sure your channel is set up with links to your website and other social platforms and that you have created specific playlists to group relevant content. Also make sure your contact details are up to date in the ‘about’ section. Of course, you want potential leads to be able to contact you easily.

Research the target audience

Before you can target your videos and tag them with the right titles, it’s important to know what people are looking for. Use both YouTube and Google to research the topic of your video and see what other users choose in terms of titles. Check the number of viewers and the age of the video. Make a note of the similarities to draw up a checklist for yourself.

Make maximum use of character limits

Most people who upload a video to YouTube look no further than a relevant title and a short description and some tags. This makes you forget other possibilities! As with any kind of search engine optimization, optimizing your YouTube channel starts with making use of all available content space. Fill the available text boxes with keyword-rich, relevant content to see how your video is getting higher and higher in search results.

Focus on the description

As indicated above, it is very important to make optimal use of the available space. We want to emphasize the description even more. Many YouTubers think that this space is only suitable for a short description of the video. However, it is often not read but searched by Google crawlers. With a character limit of 5,000 you can, for example, write a blog post here, so the search engine knows what the video is about. Other important things to include in the description are hashtags and relevant links to your website.

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